HTML based programming language

A HTML based programming language

The vision of Kitsune is to empower millions of web developers across the globe to build dynamic serverless websites, using just HTML. This takes away the worry of learning backend coding or having deep understanding of cloud components.

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User friendly adaptive website CMS

Content Management System (CMS) is a very critical part of a dynamic website, as it makes it easy for the website owner to create/edit content on the go. Kitsune automatically creates a CMS for every website, based on the dynamic properties defined by the developer. This gives complete control of the look & feel of the CMS to the developer.

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Adaptive CMS auto generated by Kitsune

Innovating fast to catch up with your needs

We have got some awesome feedback and supoort from the web-developer community. As the web developers build some awesome websites using Kitsune, we have got a lot of new asks from the community. Team Kitsune is working hard to innovate on these asks and build new components to make web-development more fun and scalable. Every month new components are being released by the team.

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What makes Kitsune better than other CDN players in market?

All CDN players work in the mode of garbage-in-garbage-out. If you upload a 1MB asset, then its the 1MB file that gets hosted on the CDN too. Kitsune gives freedom to the web developers to focus on user experience and not worry about any kind of website optimisation. Every piece of code and every asset is automatically optimised for the website. The best part is that all the code/asset optimisation is done on the published version, so your you always have the origianl copy of your code and assets to work upon.

HTML Minification & Compression

This saves almost 30% of response payload for the website. Even if your page has dynamic content, the HTML response from Kitsune is always minified and compressed in real-time.

Image Quality & Size Optimisation

Kitsune compresses every JPEG using a non-lossy algorithm. This ensures that all images that you upload gets opimised for load time without any loss in quality.

JS, CSS Minification & Compression

Kitsune minfies every JS & CSS file, and updates the references to these files across all HTML code. This reduces the response payload of these files by around 60%.

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How To Get Started

Building a dynamic website never would have been so much fun as compared to developing it on Kitsune. To get started on Kitsune, you need to have a fully static & hard-coded version of the website that you want to build.

1Upload your static website code

Create a new project via the kitsune dashboard and upload your static website code. Or you can use the IDE to develop your static website too.

2Create & map dynamic properties

Use the Language Editor in IDE to create your dynamic properties of your website. Now replace the static values with these dynamic properties in your HTML code.

3Build, test and publish!

Thats all! When you build the project, Kitsune's transpiler automatically configures components of cloud to enable the serverless architecture.

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Kitsune is built by a team of engineers who share a passion for empowering web-developers build powerful websites for tomorrow, effortlessly. We believe that creating serverless websites should be quick and fun. We are building the platform for the future.

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