Multiple clouds, multiple components, multiple expertise. No more.

Why do we need ‘cloud specialists’ to build serverless / cloud-native apps?

All major cloud providers give multiple (proprietary) components to build serverless applications on their platforms. Function-compute, CDN, cross-region object storage, cross- region db, api gateway, are a few to mention. And they vary from one to another. Cloud specialists are needed, because not only you need to learn multiple components to build a single application, but also plan for a distributed architecture for your application.

How does kitsune change that?

It removes the need for specialisation by doing a lot of the backend work with the cloud providers. For the developer, kitsune provides a simple HTML based syntax to build any kind of serverless / cloud-native app. So if you are a UX developer - you can build and deploy serverless applications on any cloud, today! The kitsune compiler can convert your application logic into a full stack cloud native architecture for any cloud provider.

Code in HTML, CSS or JS to create full-on serverless apps.

Brands using kitsune

The following notable brands who used kitsune to either build their cloud native strategy or migrate from on-premise to a serverless / cloud-native architecture on cloud.

for enterprises - simplifying digital transformation

for developers - how to build apps with kitsune

The best serverless applications are built with kitsune


kitsune enables you to write your application logic in an HTML-based syntax. This enables the developers to focus on user experience and not worry about the application architecture at scale. This HTML-based syntax gives the web developers complete control to create full stack application without having to write a single line of backend code. They can create dynamic URLs, integrate in-website payment gateways, integrate third party APIs in just simple HTML syntax. Yes, that simple!


This is where the magic happens in kitsune. kit-RunTime converts and configures the application logic to the best serverless architecture possible on the cloud. Currently, the RunTime is optimised for Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Akamai and Azure. This ensures that you get the serverless experience for your application logic across cloud providers. Few optimisations like “edge / region-specific compute optimisation”, “cache / compute based response” make your applications run at maximum speed and minimal cost.

Deploy your applications to any cloud.
Migrate them in one click.

One of the key advantage of apps built with kitsune, is that it makes the app cloud-agnostic. That simply means that the applications you build using kitsune can be deployed on any cloud. It also means that it can be migrated to another provider, at any given point in time - with a single click.

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What makes kitsune the best serverless framework
to build your application?

kitsune extracts the complexity out of using multiple serverless components on the cloud. With kitsune's programming language you can solely focus on your application logic and not have to worry about configuring and monitoring any of the various components on the cloud.

Serverless Web Apps

If you want to build an online e-commerce application for your products and your vendors or an online content-aggregation application or any other online full stack application (that has a front-end, business logic and database) - you can simply use kitsune's HTML based programming language.

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Serverless APIs

If you have business APIs that are being used by a lot of downstream heterogeneous applications, the kit-Action API template transforms your business logic into a serverless API architecture. The kit-Action API template allows you to build your business logic using javascript.

Serverless AI (coming soon)

Very soon kitsune will allow you to deploy your existing AI / ML / Deep Learning models into cloud-agnostic serverless API within minutes.

want to make your exisiting application load 3x faster?

no code change. no hosting change.

Serverless Web Applications and APIs built with kitsune never slow down or go offline -
irrespective of the concurrency or geographic spread of yourcustomers

Building a dynamic website has never been as easy (or even fun) as it is while developing it on kitsune. To get started on Kitsune, you need to have a completely static & hard-coded version of the website that you wish to build.

Code/Asset Minification & Compression

All application code and static assets are first pre-processed by an optimiser before being handed over to the kit-BuildTime for compilation. For example, all static assets are compressed and minified to reduce their load time for your customers. Also the slow- changing assets are enabled with smart browser caching to further improve load times.

Edge/Region-Specific Compute Optimisation

kitsune transforms 100% of the application logic into function-compute on the cloud. kit- BuildTime automatically classifies which section of logic needs to stay closer to persistent data-store and which section can be configured for edge-location function compute. This is your application logic – rendered as fast as possible for your customers.

Cache/Compute Based Response Optimisation

kitsune smartly configures application response across CDN, object storage and redis to enable the fastest response. Most of the compute is triggered on function-compute stack of the cloud provider. This enables high availability and also the most cost-effective compute, simply because you literally get charged for the CPU cycles alone.

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