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kitsune is a cloud-native application development framework . The framework is optimised for UX developers to build cloud-native web apps, without having to learn any of the cloud components. UX Developers using kitsune, get to focus on the user experience and not worry about architecture, scalability, maintenance or cost.

kitsune runtime runs on the cloud and has zero footprint on the browser. This enables UX developers to also use any existing javascript framework like JQuery, React, Angular, Ember or Meteor etc, on top of the kitsune code! kitsune's programming syntax does not conflict with syntax of any other framework.

If you want to build your next web application, and are thinking cloud-native/serverless - give kitsune a try!

Why kitsune?

You can focus on what you do best - user experience - without having to worry about learning cloud programming, architecture of your full stack app, scalability, maintenance or cost.

Welcome Tab

You get access to all the components built by the developer community on top of the kitsune language:

  • k-String - New type of string (aka kitsune string) that has an keyword cloud attached to it. When you add new content to a property with k-string data-type, a machine learning based text summarisation algorithm is triggered to summarise the content into relevant phrases. This is very helpful if you are building a public facing website and you want the content to get automatically optimised for organic search. > eCommerce - define the product description as a k-string. > Blog - define the blog-body as a k-string.

  • CSRF Tokens - This component enables you to add the CSRF security to your web application. This component uses a private-public key based encryption protocol. > Insurance, Banking, Stock Market, or any high Transactional application

  • Reports - This a async service infrastructure which you can control quite easily via few lines of code. When you enable this component, you will be able to configure multiple reports & their respective schedule in the config file. Also you can use kitsune language directly in your report templates - enabling you to build powerful dynamic reports. > eCommerce, Inventory Management, ERP

  • Call Tracker - If you are building a web application for retail customers, many a times you want to track exactly how many enquiries are being generated online and also monitor the enquiries for quality purposes. Enable this component to automatically convert your phonenumber to a virtual call tracker number. This component is integrated with partners who can provide this service across 200 countries. > Digital Marketing, Retail

  • Partial Views - This is a widely used component by many kitsune developers. This exactly works like the partial view concept in other frameworks like Angular etc. Enables you to write clean and modular code.

As an organisation you can rely on kitsune because its backed by a large developer community, and also its cloud agnostic.

Getting Onboard

Getting onboard on Kitsune is easy like never before. You want to create a website from scratch , migrate an existing static website or even start with a existing website that is live to the code of which you have no access to, we got you covered. Getting started with Kitsune platform is as easy as a making a new social account.

Create a new project Gif

Create a website from scratch

If you want to start a new website Kitsune offers you a intuitive dashboard and an boilerplate to start from. Kitsune provides you with a default website already created which has a prebuilt skeleton which will help you understand how should you not only start your code but also as in where to keep the assets that you might need in the website development process. Starting from autogenerated folder structure to the proper settings to get you going. We help you with all. If you are a person who doesn't like to fiddle much with the settings, the basic configuration would help you code and deploy any static website of your choice at ease.

Folder Image

One Click Website Deploy

If you have an existing static website code already present why bother. We got you covered there. Any website folder that you have created or you have present in your system can be added to your kitsune project. Drag and drop your website data to your kitsune project or select the folder that contains the files. Leave the rest to us. We will add your code perfectly to your project and in no time you will be able to view your project code both in IDE and also the preview.

Upload website Gif

Crawl an existing website

Hosting a website is as cool as having a rock band. Aint that? Ya, I know after all am the intelligent fox. Getting the code for a hosted website sometimes can be very hard. We all know that, after all we are also developers. But we love our customers thus we take away that pain from you. We bring you the website crawler service of Kitsune. It ain't any normal crawler, it not only optimizes your site but also gets you the proper assets and HTML code needed for you to continue editing your website on kitsune platform.

Crawl kitsune GIF

Subscribe to ana chat

Hello Jarvis? Ever thought of having your own personal assistant. We did. We don't like to be boring and thus we offer out of the box subscription to our own assistant service - ana chat. Ana helps you create a smart chatbot for your business. It will help you interact with your clients in a more efficient and streamlined manner. Ana helps you design chatbots according to your business logic and gain the power.

“Power! Unlimited power!” — Darth Sidious


Let's take a peek under the hood to find out why Kitsune is perfect for you. Kitsune aims to make your website management hassle free. It offers a plethora of out of the box tools which are a headache to implement on your own. Kitsune offers faster load times to worldwide CDN delivery, superior caching and lower bandwidth costs. Multiple layers of security, Guaranteed uptime and Replication across the various zone to ensure that your website never falters.

Kitsune Advantages

High Performance

Serverless websites enable automatic global scale, high availability, and reduction of hosting costs. Kitsune only charge according to your usage. Serverless technology ensures that you don't need to look for handling load or taking up more servers to scale according to your need. Thus automatic global scale, high availability, and reduction of hosting costs is what you achieve with Kitsune.

Kitsune utilizes CDN ensuring that your website has -

  • Reduced Latency

  • Handles Traffic Spike

  • Creates a cached copy of your site

  • Your site loads faster from anywhere in the world


All of this can be achieved with a click of a button. You just need to right click on your project in Kitsune Dashboard and click on optimize. Kitsune will minify all your HTML, CSS and JS i.e. it will remove all the unnecessary characters like line breaks, white spaces etc. It will also apply GZIP compression on your files and provides CDN (Content Delivery Network) services so that your website loads faster from anywhere in the world. If you are wondering what is a CDN, it refers to a geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content. A CDN allows for the quick transfer of assets needed for loading Internet content including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos.

Oh! Kitsune will also handle versioning to help with file invalidation in case of browser caching.

Kitsune Optimization Options


Minification removes all unnecessary characters from the source code without changing its functionality, making the website fast, reducing resource usage and lowering the bandwidth cost.


GZIP compresses all your pages and other content on the server before sending it to the browser, thus lowering bandwidth costs and giving faster loading websites.


Browser caching creates the problem of file invalidation. If older files are not invalidated regularly then new changes won't be reflected on the website. Kitsune also handles versioning of all your files, so that when a new version is uploaded your browser fetches the new file from the server rather than rendering the cached copy.

Automatic SEO


Automatic SEO ensures that your website becomes more relevant and more visible to the world. SEO works in kitsune out of the box. Default server-side rendering & NLP based components enable websites to be auto optimized for SEO.

Kitsune helps you with -

  • Automated creation of Robots.txt

  • Smart Keyword extraction

  • Automated sitemap generation

  • Machine Learning based SEO.

Dynamic Websites

Websites today must be cost-effective, optimized for speed & size globally, get discovered organically on search engines, enable secure & fast payment collection process, enable changing content dynamically and much more. For building such a website, you will have to learn at least 6 different web technologies. Kitsune enables you to build the most powerful websites using simple HTML. No backend coding required! Websites deployed on Kitsune are serverless, and hence the most cost-effective - you only pay if your website is being used by your customers.

With Kitsune creating a dynamic website is easy and doesn't need you to master backend programming nor handling the database. Kitsune helps you work on creating your dynamic website only with the knowledge of HTML code.

Creating a data model

Add Schema

Creating a data model is a breeze. You can select the components and their data types using a visual builder to create a data model. This data model can be used throughout your website for accessing the data components.

Using data on the website

HTML Based Coding

With Kitsune you can use HTML components to build dynamic websites. This makes making dynamic websites as easy as using bootstrap. You can create dynamic data injection, payment initiation, and a ton of other dynamic functionalities.

Not only that, forget using Backend Languages to create loops and buisness conditions in your website. With Kitsune you can use loops and conditions directly in HTML.

Highly intuitive CMS

Adaptive CMS Screenshot

Content Management System (CMS) is a very critical part of a dynamic website, as it makes it easy for the website owner to create/edit content on the go. The Kitsune CMS or K-Admin allows you to manipulate data interactions in your website. Kitsune automatically creates a CMS for every website, based on the dynamic data models defined by the developer. This gives complete control of the look & feel of the CMS to the developer.

Preview your Website

Kitsune offers an easy way to check your website using the preview button. Preview is available on the project card in the Kitsune dashboard. Clicking on preview opens the website on a new tab to help you check upon your project

Kistune Preview

This will spin up a new tab to show your current website.

Kitsune Screen size

Publishing your Website

Publishing your website for the world to see is done in Kitsune using a click. Kitsune needs funds for publishing your website, which you can add funds in the top right corner. Adding your funds is facilitated by instamojo. Once you have sufficient funds your website goes live, powered by Kitsune.


Backup and Download

Kitsune ensures that your website is backed up and secure, but in case of a human error or for the peace of mind, you can download a copy of your website. Kitsune automatically collects all your website resources and zips them up neatly and initiates the download. You can initiate the download by clicking on the options button in your project card.

Download Icon

The options menu also offers the upload option. Though we love our web IDE and we believe its one of the best out there, for all the offline IDE lovers, the upload button enables you to edit your downloaded project and upload it back to make the necessary changes.

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