Kitsuneframework FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Any dynamic web application can be build using Kitsune framework.

Recommended: non-core application for the enterprise.

kitsune is an Open-Source platform that provides flexibility to developers to build and deploy in infrastructure of choice.

Yes, kit-proxy secondary cache (storage cache) can be accessed and updated manually.

Temporary change, until next invalidation request is raised / received for the same file.

kitsune framework does automatically create a cloud native (serverless) architecture for you while you deploy any application on Kitsune framework.

Since the output of the kitsune web application is cloud agnostic, hence it can be deployed on any supported cloud(AWS, Azure, AliCloud) without changing application logic.

Yes, using kitsune framework you can build e-commerce application.

You can use kitsune payment gateway component to integrate already enabled payment gateways easily. We thrive to enable our customers with best possible ones and accommodate custom requests too.

You can also track the orders and payment transaction as well on the K-Admin.

kitsune framework is built on top of serverless/cloud native framework.

Since the application isn’t hosted on any specific server, it never exposes any IP or any port (apart from 80/443) to the external users.

Since the data access is handled server side, and only plain HTML is the output, hence no one can access the business logic and database.

Using k-script directive of Kitsune framework, you can integrate external API.

kitsune framework exposes a generic API to access the CMS data, which can be used to integrate with external applications (i.e CRM, ERP).

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