Local SEO is crucial for enterprises that have outlets in multiple locations as it can help in achieving a strong brand image locally.

For an enterprise-level organization, managing online-offline connect becomes a mammoth task and, without an efficient technology, publishing content and optimizing SEO across all the locations becomes tedious.

What if we say, we can give you a technology which can, not only take care of the back-end infrastructure needed to take all your location based outlets online but also helps out in driving online traffic.

Here is how Kitsune can help enterprises to achieve the near impossible online-offline connect.

  1. Location-specific websites under one domain: In order to drive traffic to each outlet, you need to have a website that is location specific. Now, designing separate websites for all the 50 locations not only consumes time and effort but also creates confusion and dilution of the traffic. A Perfect solution is to be able to create separate websites for each location but under the same domain name. With Kitsune you can do all of this from a single dashboard. Additionally, as the platform is built on serverless architecture, it can sustain any traffic fluctuations. Also, next time if your enterprise is thinking of adding 10 more locations at a time, you need not worry about scaling the server resources. Not only this, All your individual store websites will be linked to your main website via an SEO ready store locator.

  2. SEO Optimization: One of the main reasons for having a location-specific website is to drive local traffic to the exact location. Default server-side rendering and NLP based components enable websites to be auto-optimized for SEO. Kitsune comes with a smart keyword extraction algorithm, which automatically summarizes every HTML page in your website into five key relevant phrases and places them in the footer of the webpage. All you need to do is post content with local keywords and the algorithm takes care of the rest.

  3.  Website Quality: Majority of the local traffic flow is through mobile devices. Hence, make sure your location websites give a good user experience on desktop and mobile as well. For this, Kitsune framework automatically compresses all your website assets with gzip coding to ensure it loads faster on mobile devices.  To know more about how Kitsune can make your websites load faster go to our blog: Here is How Kitsune can Improve your Website Load Time. Kitsune automatically generates a Robots.txt file and a sitemap for your website. The URLs for each web page are auto-generated and tagged to your location, which helps to match with the relevant location-based searches.

  1. Content is King: Kitsune has the smart framework that takes care of most of the activities to achieve online discovery. In order for it to work, the secret ingredient is content. The keyword algorithm extracts keywords from your content. To achieve location specific discovery, you need to add content that is explicit for a location. But, how to manage content for 15+ locations? Kitsune automatically creates a CMS (Content Management System) for every website, based on the dynamic data models defined by the developer. With the comfort given by the CMS anyone can upload content without worrying about the backend coding.

  2. Reports and Insights: Analytics gives you the direction for better decision making. With Kitsune, you can track vital data points such as how many visitors the site got, where the traffic came from etc. Sounds amazing? But we are not done yet. 

  • You can also send these analytics to website owners from an email ID of your choice.

  • These reports can be edited like the HTML pages to reflect your business logo and colors.

  • You can decide the time period and set it up once, and the reports will run automatically.

To achieve local visibility you do not have to compete globally, all you need to do is become a reliable source within the community. With Kitsune taking care of the backend, you can focus better on the other important things such as placing your website at places where local customers go searching and pair it with your impeccable customer service.

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