It is the era of Bots. Yes! We can expect a significant rise of ChatBots’ in marketing and customer support. Initially, brands found the need to install a bot to address the following concerns the visitors are facing 

  • To know more about certain services they are interested in

  • Navigating through the website

  • To find answers to simple queries

There are many ways to answer customer queries and talk about services. But why choose a Chat Bot? Well your question is obvious; here is the answer to it.

Why Choose A Chat Bot:

  1. 24/7 Customer Service: No matter, what time zone your customers are in, bots are always up and answering their queries. So, you will have round the clock customer service, which creates a positive image for your business.

  2. Collect Data: A bot also can be used to collect personal details of your visitors which can then be used as leads to grow your business.

  3. Save Money on Agents: A Chat Bot can deliver the same user interaction at four times less than the cost incurred in employing a person to carry out the same task.

  4. Personalised Interaction: Thanks to Chat Bots, businesses of any size are able to personify the interactions with the customers. With bots, brands can now give the same feel as it would be when the visitors are chatting with an agent.

  5. Use as Marketing Tool: A Chat Bot can also be used in email campaigns, Facebook ads to promote an ad campaign or to drive traffic to your website.

We now have a fair idea of how a chatbot can help your business, next comes how to install a chat bot. Thanks to technological innovations such as serverless technology, developers are able to code chat bot applications without much hassle. Businesses can then use these applications to build their custom chat flow without any backend coding. 

Leveraging this, we at Kitsune added another jewel to the crown by integrating Kitsune Chatbot onto the Kistune Platform. To know more, check out our blog on Building bots on a serverless architecture.

Many Uses one Bot (Kitsune Chat Bot)

  1. Move from FAQ’s to Chat Flows: A rather traditional approach to answer some of the fundamental customer queries is by providing an FAQ page on your website. But, your visitors might not be able to find the page and remain clueless. This is where the need for chatbot comes in. With Kitsune chatbot you can design a structured flow of questions and replicate the chat as if it were with an agent. While answering queries the bot can also collect personal details of your visitors such as mobile number, email id etc.


  1. First Point Of Contact: A chatbot can be used to introduce products and services to the visitors on your website. Kitsune Chat Bot has a feature called Carousel, which allows you to upload product images and create a chat flow to deliver your initial sales pitch.


  1. Email Marketing: People would prefer to have a conversation to get answers rather than reading pre-written content. A  chatbot can help to make your email campaigns conversational. For example, if you are running a promotional offer  10% discount on all career courses, you can create a chat flow for the same and send the url of the chatbot in your emailers. As the interactions of the bot are recorded, you will be able to understand the response of your customers to the offer.

  1. Influence Buyer Decision: Today buying decisions are not based on how well you are selling the product, but how well you are helping them to shop. For example, if you are a real estate company you can use a chatbot to show the users what are the various options (IBHK,2BHK,#BHK) that you are offering. This will make the user explore your collection and end up choosing more than what he intended to. 


  1. Hybrid Bots: No matter how smooth you create the chat flow, there are certain questions that need actual human interaction. This brings us to hybrid bots, wherein the bot takes care of the initial queries and then if the user wishes to speak to a customer care executive the bots hands the query to the agent. 


  1. Social Media: Bots can also help in social media marketing; you can promote both the ways towards and on your social media accounts. You can either link the company’s Facebook page into your bot or post about the bot in one of your Facebook posts.


  1. Metrics that Matter: A bot can give you more insights on consumer behaviour than the cookies of the website. With Kitsune chat bot you can know the following 

  • How well is your chat flow, able to solve the customer queries?

  • Are you able to get the desired information (phone number, email id) of your visitors?

  • If you have put in place a link are the customers clicking on it?

  • Insights about which product/ service is in demand.

  • Know where your customers are abandoning the chat and improve your chat flow.

  • Out of the total visitors how many are conversing with the bot?

Such wisdom will help you understand what is that your customers are looking for.

Although these bots were initially used for customer support, they gradually entered into the marketing domain. As more and more customers are trusting bots and showing enthusiasm to converse with them, the future looks pretty bright for chatbots. Why wait? Talk to us today to get your personalized chatbot.