5 steps make your static website on serverless, using kitsune

If you have a website hosted on a server or a cluster of servers, you can migrate to a serverless architecture with just few clicks using kitsune. kitsune provides you the easiet way to host your website code on serverless architecture on any cloud provider.


Login to kitsune dashboard and provide the website domain

Login to kitsune dashboard. Click on the '+' icon on the top left to create a new project. Then use the section "optimise an existing site" to enter the domain of the website which you want to migrate. Once you click start, kitsune's deep crawler would crawl the whole website including all the sub-pages, stylesheets, scripts & other fixed assets, and move them to kitsune's serverless object storage.


Configure the behavior for thrid-party plugins

During the deep-crawl, kitsune identifies all the assets that you load from a third-party domain. It would show the following step, where you can select/de-select assets of third party domain - and decide if you would also like to move them to kitsune or consume them as-is. After this step, you can sit back and relax, and let kitsune's deep crawler do all the hard work. You can also close the window and come back - it would not interrupt the process.


Ready to preview

After the completion of 6th step of deep-crawl, you can preview your website. You would see a noticable difference in the load time, especially if you try to load multiple times or navigate between pages of your website.


Publish your website to the cloud provider of your choice

Once the crawl is complete, you will a new project on your kitsune dashboard with the name as the website address. Click on '...' and select publish. Select 'create a new customer' and click 'next'. You can then choose your preferred cloud provider on which you would like kitsune to configure your website.


Mirgation complete & your website is serverless

Once the website is published, you can find it in the "live sites" section of the dashboard. To configure a custom domain, click on "..." and choose "DNS details". This will guide you through the DNS changes that you can do to map your custom domain to your serverless website.

What makes kitsune the best for serverless websites?

When it comes to any web based application, putting it on a serverless architecture is a no-brainer. kitsune makes it ultra simple for you to get started on serverless architecture for your website. You do not have to deal with the hassle of learning serverless components on cloud, to take advantage of the infinite scale and lower cost.

Infinite scale & Super fast page loads

With kitsune, your website is powered by 100% serverless components. This enables you to provide the fastest load time for your website irrespective of the load or the geographic spread of your users. With serverless architecture - the more users you get, the faster your website loads!

Cost effective - pay for usuage & not up-time

kitsune charges you only for the number of requests processed. This enables you to keep your hosting costs the lowest. You do not have to pay for the up-time or worry about the server bottlenecks when you get sudden peaks. You get charged only for the successful requests processed by kitsune.

Cloud agnostic - migrate/deploy to any cloud provider

As a developer you can chose to deploy your code on the cloud provider of your choice. Also with kitsune, you can shift from one provider to another with just click of a button.

Automatic asset optimisation & minification

Before your code is pushed to the cloud, all the assets are minified and compressed. This ensures that you never have to worry about optimising your code for performance. kitsune compiler takes all the performance-optimisation load off you.