The best serverless applications are built with kitsune


kitsune enables you to write your application logic in an HTML-based syntax. This enables the developers to focus on user experience and not worry about the application architecture at scale. This HTML-based syntax gives the web developers complete control to create full stack application without having to write a single line of backend code. They can create dynamic URLs, integrate in-website payment gateways, integrate third party APIs in just simple HTML syntax. Yes, that simple!


This is where the magic happens in kitsune. kit-RunTime converts and configures the application logic to the best serverless architecture possible on the cloud. Currently, the RunTime is optimised for Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Akamai and Azure. This ensures that you get the serverless experience for your application logic across cloud providers. Few optimisations like “edge / region-specific compute optimisation”, “cache / compute based response” make your applications run at maximum speed and minimal cost.

kitsune IDE

kitsune's cloud based IDE makes it easy to write, build and publish serverless applications.

kitsune IDE

Gives you complete access to your code and assets. The advantage is you can integrate any kind of third party plugins/api and build any functionality based on your requirement.

Enables you to define your data-model - the dynamic properties of your website. When you build your code, based on the data-model you define the serverless storage is configured and also the customised CMS is created for you to manage content easily.

Every website needs a secure way to collect user enquiries or requests. Web-Form manager is a drag-and-drop form builder and enables you to add these forms to your website with click of a button.

Language Components

kitsune language provides an extensive set of components (pre-built on serverless architecutre), that can be added to your website without writing any backend code - just plain and simple HTML syntax!

Scheduled Reports

Enable reporting and proactive engagement emails to be sent to your customers.

RealTime Call Tracker

Track all calls generated from the website. Even track the calls that get missed.

Sitemap Generator

Auto-generate your website’s sitemap

Automatic SEO

Drive more viewers to your website, without having to invest in SEO specialists.

Payment Integration

Seamlessly integrate payment gateways like Instamojo, PayU and Paytm