Simply insert the nitro script and watch it speed up and improve your website's performance.
All the benefits of going serverless, with no other change required. There’s literally no excuse to not go serverless anymore.

Accelerate the speed of any website

nitro is best suited for content publishers, e-commerce and agencies who want to make their websites faster and the back-end scalable for more users. Interested? Just add a simple line of script to the webpages you would like to accelerate. It's done. Really!

Faster page load

nitro hooks into your existing website and makes it 50-300% faster. It does so by applying service-worker based smart loading of assets at the visitors' end to ensure they get the best experience.

Works for any website

Extremely easy integration of nitro into your current tech stack. You just need to add the nitro script to your website and let the script do all the magic.

Offline mode

nitro turns your website into an offline-browsable Progressive Web App (PWA), ensuring that your website loads even when there is a network issue at the visitor's end.

Cross-browser support

nitro uses service workers (coverage > 90%) and automatically degrades when they are not available. The service worker based optimisation works on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Safari.

1... 2... Done!

With nitro, it really doesn't take any effort to get the performance you want from your website. Just the below mentioned three steps.


Register and login to nitro dashboard.

In your nitro dashboard, simply configure which domains need to be made fast. There is no limit on how many domains you can add to the list.


Add the domains of your websites.

Once logged into your nitro dashboard, simply configure which domains need to be accelerated. There is no limit on how many domains you can add to the list.


Include the nitro code snippet.

Your website will be 50-300% faster as kitsune automatically applies network optimizations, sophisticated caching and intelligent data refresh algorithms. All built using serverless infrastructure on cloud!

We recommend you insert the script into all those pages which serve slow-changing content
(content that changes only once in 24 hours).

Nitro Features

How does nitro improve the load time of your website? These are few things we do beyond your optimisations.

nitro can cache everything, even server-generated HTML and REST APIs, using novel cache coherence algorithms and dynamic blocks.

  • Classification of response data into - static, slow-chaning & fast-changing data
  • Automatic CDN based caching
  • Automatic browser based caching and management via Service Worker
  • Smart cache coherence algorithms to change in data is reflected globally in less than 900 seconds
  • Dynamic content caching by serverless functions using exponential-backoff refresh protocol

All your resources are optimised to be transmitted over the network utilizing Service Workers, HTTP/2, tuned TLS, improved TCP and serverless compute.

  • API-based or Periodic Refreshing
  • HTTP/2 based data load
  • Multiplexes all domains through one connection for ideal congestion control
  • Powered by serverless components which enables the compute and storage on edge locations - the closest to your user.

nitro accelerates 3rd party resources (e.g., fonts and scripts) by multiplexing them over the same optimized connection as the page itself.

  • nitro can accelerate 3rd party dependencies, e.g. script/font hosters.
  • No sensitive user data processed. GDPR compliant.
  • With nitro your website becomes an offline-browsable PWA (Progressive Web App).

nitro is built on 100% serverless components of cloud. This ensures 100% availability and also to trigger compute on edge locations. If your website suddenly gets to peak load, you need not worry about the scale - nitro will ensure all the user queries are served without dip in performance. You do not have to worry about auto scale or configuring your load infomation - this is the biggest advantage of being on serverless architecture.