Care Health Insurance Company Case Study

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Care Health Insurance


  • Need to Accelerate legacy web application ensuring statutory security compliances.

  • On-premise servers are on a single location and limited network and scale.

  • Overall load time of web application was high, around 6 to 7 seconds.

  • High bounce rate leading to negative impact on performance.


We implemented kit-proxy functionalities like 

  • Multi-level caching, 

  • Asset optimizations,

  • Compression techniques 

  • Adherence to statutory security compliance like CSRF, DDoS using AWS Shield, Custom WAF, etc.


  • There is 50% reduction in page load time.

  • Global discovery led to 30% increase in monthly traffic and more business potential.

  • Web Traffic threshold is enhanced due to kit-proxy.

  • No impact or increase in on-premise infrastructure.

  • Reduction in overall bounce rate.

  • Adherence to statutory security requirements.

  • They saved months of time and effort to achieve the current results by kit-proxy.

  • Easy intermediate deployment for hotfixes.

  • Flexibility of real-time hosting of custom assets via kitsune storage.

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