IndiaShelter - Home Loan Company Case Study

India Shelter
Jun 12, 2019


  • Launch a new look website.
  • Power local branches for discovery and customer engagement with CTA’s.
  • Build a simpler and effective user experience.
  • Branch level information through branch level sub pages.
  • Need ease and convenience to connect with local branches.


We are building a custom theme based web application for client.

  • kitsune application development framework.
  • Serverless architecture for infinite scalability.
  • Databinding and custom CMS creation.
  • Creation for dynamic branch level webpage creation to facilitate hyperlocal discovery.


  • New-age website with a custom CMS for dynamic content.
  • Adherence to statutory security requirements.
  • Saved months of time and effort by ensuring GTM in 20 days.
  • Easy intermediate deployment for hotfixes.
  • Dynamic location based branch pages that drive SEO for hyperlocal discovery.

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