Effective solutions

for your work flow

Open Source

Easily change your code with our open source framework to customize your web applications

Cloud Platform Agnostic

Open source technologies and portable components make it easier to change cloud providers, or use multiple cloud providers

Develop X times faster

Enable UX developers to build and deploy applications on the cloud

Built with enterprise in mind

Built with

enterprise in mind


Single Dashboard

Build, test, deploy and manage all your serverless applications using a single interface


Open Source

Secure and Compliant. Optimised to suit cloud hosting as well as server based infrastructure


Easy to adopt Application Dev Framework

A browser based IDE, optimised for developing full stack cloud-native apps. Manage with a lean frontend UI/UX team with no re-skilling cost involved


Accelerated Development

Expedite development time and effort by more than 40% with kitsune


Cloud Platform Agnostic or Hybrid Cloud

Converts your application written with kitsune to a cloud native architecture


Easy to Deploy

Our open source framework enables front-end developers to deploy complex applications easily on the cloud

How it works


Accelerate without change

Experience cloud without changing any code


Optimise your resources

Save your infrastructure and resource bandwidth


Add custom rules

Create security rules and add programmable functions


Scale applications

Scale your web applications using kit-proxy cloud components

Enterprises who rely on us

Trust in kitsune framework

Accelerate Web Applications

with kit-proxy


Your existing web applications without having to change the code or infrastructure


Costs and efforts allocated towards resource and infrastructure


Leverage cloud native components and global CDN for inifinte scalability