Two modes of migration

Automatic Containerisation

With this mode, just drag and drop the zip file (source code) of your web app and provide the database details (like MySql, PostgreSQL, SQLite etc). You can also choose to keep your database hosted on your current infrastructure and provide the publicly accessible connection string. Once you provide these details, kitsune compiler will parse your source code and automatically generate a docker image for your web app which would be optimised for deployment into container service layer of a cloud provider (like ECS of AWS, AKS of Azure, CaaS of PingAn etc).

Use as origin/endpoint (hybrid cloud)

If your web app needs to be hosted on the current infra (due to security or data policies), kitsune can still enable you to scale your web app to provide a serverless / cloud-native performance. In this mode kitusne creates a hybrid cloud architecture where the current setup would be used as an origin. The main domain will point to the CDN of cloud, ensuring most of the requests are served from cloud. kitsune self discovers, and also enables developers to configure the transactional (real time), dynamic (db based but slow changing) and static (do not change) assets. Once live, 98% of static and dynamic requests are served from the cloud.

What makes kitsune the best for serverless websites?

When it comes to static websites, putting it on a serverless architecture is a no-brainer. kitsune makes it ultra simple for you to get started on serverless architecture for your static website. You do not have to deal with the hassle of learning serverless components on cloud, to take advantage of infinite scale and lower cost.

Infinite scale & Super fast page loads

With kitsune, your website is powered by 100% serverless components. This enables you to provide the fastest load time for your website irrespective of the load or the geographic spread of your users. With serverless architecture - the more users you get, the faster your website loads!

Cost effective - pay for usuage & not up-time

kitsune charges you only for the number of requests processed. This enables you to keep your hosting costs the lowest. You do not have to pay for the up-time or worry about the server bottlenecks when you get sudden peaks. You get charged only for the successful requests processed by kitsune.

Cloud agnostic - deploy to any cloud provider

As a developer you can chose to deploy your code on the cloud provider of your choice. Also with kitsune, you can shift from one provider to another with just click of a button.

Automatic asset optimisation & minification

Before your code is pushed to the cloud, all the assets are minified and compressed. This ensures that you never have to worry about optimising your code for performance. kitsune compiler takes all the performance-optimisation load off you.